★ Sword ★

★ they/he
★ Agender butch lesbian
★ DID system
★ ND (OCD + ADHD + Autism + others)
★ taken
★ lightskin afroecuadorian

Do not follow if:
you're a MAP/pedophile/pro shipper/anti antiIf you ship IRL people or condone pedophilic/problematic ships just because they're fictionalif you think pronouns = gender truscum/trumed or a terfif you're against xenogenderspro cop / anti BLMracist, xenophobe or LGBTphobeare or support bi/pan/het lesbiansI'm not against pansexuals but dni if you think pansexuality is more progressive or inclusive than bisexuality, and/or if you believe bisexuality isn't inclusive of all genders/trans peopleif you use the slogan "Hearts Not Parts"If you're an endogenic system (systems formed without trauma)
* I won't follow back if you have a typing quirk that replaces letters with numbers or symbols, sorry! I have nothing against them, I just genuinely can't read them and sometimes i'm aided by a screen reader which can't pick them up.


★ Kirby
★ Hollow Knight
★ Shovel Knight
★ Pokemon
★ Mario

Most of these double as special interests!

I'm critical of all of my interests

Anti-Blackness and Police brutalityAnimal Cruelty / DeathCSAICE (as in the organization)

I tag common triggers! If you need something tagged shoot me an ask.
things I won't tag:
n word (I'm black)capspda (esp gay pda)keysmashes

Sword Knight from kirby in the flesh baby!!!!!

other kins:

I take these kins very seriously due to psychosis but idc abt doubles!

i also don't do kin drama i'm 18 ffs

less serious kins: Quirrel, Paper Mario, Monomon, Dreambert, Trainer Lyra

Blade Knight from kirby is my ult cc!!!!!! beloved husband ♥
Other CCs: The Meta Knights, Shield Knight, Bedsmith